Be Fearless

Jan 8 20

Your Coach

I’m Diana Sharp, a musician, singer, teacher and coach.  If curiosity killed the cat, then I better watch out because I’m interested and curious about a lot of things! Curiosity keeps me learning and experiencing new adventures. It also means I get to work with a lot of wonderful musicians and people. I’m interested to learn and hear from people about their experiences on and off stage. Being a performer can be a tricky thing; I’ve certainly had performances I’d like to forget and others that I wish I could remember!

I set out on my musical career after high school and moved from Canada to the UK to study voice.   Although I had intended to go to a conservatoire, university or college like most people do, I never did. Through some lucky twists I was lucky to have the support of sponsors and scholarships.  This meant I could work privately one-to-one with all sorts of professors, conductors, specialists and coaches. All the while I was learning my craft on the job and on stage.  It worked for me and I had a great time.

I got most of my work from people recommending me for jobs. I didn’t have to do a lot of auditioning, but all that changed as I upped my game.  It feels like I spent about 2 years going from one audition and competition to the next. Things were getting serious and that definitely had an impact on my auditions.  As the pressure piled on, so did the nerves. I auditioned for courses, national and international competitions, companies, conductors and scholarships. It was intense. I learnt a lot from the constant onslaught of auditions. In fact, every performance was a sort of audition too.

Looking back, and knowing what I know now, things could have been very different.  At the time the pressure got to me. I wasn’t focused and found myself failing at the last hurdle, often in a very public way.  I decided it was time to step back and find a different path. As Edith Piaf famously sang, ‘I have no regrets’. I’ve done some pretty awesome things since then. I got married, had kids and started some new music adventures which took me to festivals across Europe and twice to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  I started teaching and have been working with amateurs and professionals for some 15 years now. It’s been a thrilling journey so far!