Be Fearless

Feb 10 20


Hi.  If you’ve got an audition or performance coming up, then you’ve come to the right place!  You’ll find resources here to help you achieve your most confident performance yet with a new performance technique that will take you to greater heights.  With practice, your performances will become stronger, more secure and powerful. You’ll learn how to overcome performance anxiety and worries so that you’re freed up to give your best under pressure.  

There are three interwoven areas you need to prepare for any performance; your technique and material, your physical preparation and your brain game.  Your brain is a huge under used musical resource and in the vlogs and blogs you’ll discover tips and tricks on how to prepare your most valuable musical asset.  We take good care to prepare our technique for the demands of performance, but sometimes we forget to prepare our mental game map for it too, not any more!  We’ll use sports and performance techniques to get you ready in a whole new way and transform your performances.

If you’re looking for more support on how to give this next performance/audition your best shot, then coaching will help.  Through confidential coaching sessions we can work on how you deal with your own unique critical inner voice before you go on stage, so that you can give your best performance.  Find out more about one-to-one coaching and how to get in touch here.

Take the quiz for more information about what sort of performer you are.  Enjoy the content, join the Youtube and Facebook tribes and subscribe/Like.  Add your comments and see what others are doing in the community; I’d love to hear about what’s happening for you.  Here’s some info on who I am in case you’d like to hear a little about my story.  Even with the help of teachers, it can be a bit of a lonely pursuit when you’re up there performing on your own, but it doesn’t need to be, get in touch.

Hey, ‘Break a Leg’ and show them what you’ve got!